What does licensing my content to Written mean?

The Written service/platform is like you are a contributing author for a brand, but with Written you’re paid for a license to your existing content—and the good news is, it’s work you have already done! For a pre-agreed term (and then month-to-month), your article will be moved over to the brand's site and web traffic will be directed to the new location. 

This process is managed and policed by the Written.com platform via a WordPress plug-in that both parties install on their respective sites. For as long as the article remains on the content purchaser’s site, you’ll be given a credit as the author and there will be a link to your site's main page. When the term ends, the Written.com platform will automatically remove your article from their site and move your content back to its original location.

Sometimes seeing examples makes this a little clearer: http://help.written.com/article/30-example-license-types

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