Do you have any examples of licenses?

A detailed explanation of our various licenses is available here:

But if you need some examples from the wild and a little more information see below:

The content and traffic license is our most lucrative and valuable license to both you and the brands. In this license, we move both the article and its associated traffic from your site to the brand's site for the duration of the license. This is done with a redirect that's automatically activated by the Written plugin for Wordpress when you and a brand accept a license. There is always full attribution to you as the author and content owner, with a link to your site's main page. 

Here is an example of an article we licensed to Ceros that was originally posted on Convince & Convert.

Here is an article we launched for SailThru:

And here are a couple examples we launched with Workfront using our platform:

You'll notice that the articles look like just another post on each of these brands' websites. That's the goal! Brands are willing to pay you to rent your content and traffic so that people visiting your article will come to the brand's website, helping them gain visibility.

In all cases, full attribution is given to the author and each licensed article has a link back to the content owner's main web site.

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